Julie Angel is internationally renowned for the following services:

1-2-1 Psychic Mediumship Readings


 Readings take up to an hour and a half and include the psychic side: home, work, children, finance, health, travel, education, love and relationships as well as the mediumship side i.e. communicating with your loved ones in spirit.  Some people prefer just the psychic side some just the mediumship side most go for a bit of both - it is the same price and time regardless which is £70.  I recommend you bring a recording device e.g. a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to record your reading but I can also record the reading myself and send it to you if you wish. The readings cover at least 12 months of predictions often longer.  I do an aura drawing, tarot cards, runes, psychometry and oracle cards but my forte is clairvoyance and being a natural psychic medium.


Feel free to bring a wish list with you of things you want to know be it for people you have  loved and lost, or matters pertaining to your future. 


Please do not tell me what these matters are at the outset as I like to see what I perceive first and then we can address specific issues.  You are welcome to bring a friend or relation with you to your reading for ‘moral support’!


I am legally obliged to tell you that all psychics, mediums and healers have to be seen as a form of entertainment only.  It is illegal for us to guarantee results.  Further, under the consumer protection act if you are deemed vulnerable gullible or of a nervous disposition you should have a second opinion as to whether this type of ‘entertainment’ is for you.  I like to think my readings are fun and light hearted but that you also seek considerable comfort and guidance from the session.


To book in PLEASE RING 01684 634050 or 07751 383480 as this is by way the fastest way to book an appointment at a mutually convenient time.  If you do catch my answer machine PLEASE leave your contact number/details.  Some people like to bring photos/items belonging to people they have loved and lost to ‘help’ the reading.  I am more than willing to examine them but please don’t tell me if you have brought anything with you because it would be nice if your loved ones would acknowledge that themselves first!  I look forward to hearing from you, in love and light, Julie Angel PLEASE NOTE I WORK WEEKDAYS, EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS TO SUIT - SO PLEASE RING ME TO ARRANGE A MUTUALLY CONVENIENT TIME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT!  I AM CURRENTLY BASED IN MALVERN, WORCESTERSHIRE ENGLAND, U.K.

Evenings of Clairvoyance

These exciting nights include an introduction to all things paranormal with International Psychic Medium Julie Angel (of SKY tv, BBC1, Channel 4, Kerrang, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, and national press fame). Julie gives messages of a psychic and mediumistic nature to people in the audience and allows time for questions towards  the end. This is a lighthearted evening suitable for believers and sceptics alike! Doors open half an hour before the show start time. Entry price is usually £10.*  Have you ever wondered? Well now is your chance to find out! *some venues charge £2 to £5 more to raise funds for a charity/club or cover bar staff

Group Bookings/Tarot Parties

I offer a variety of packages for group bookings as follows:

1. Group bookings in my own home where you all arrive together and either have your 121 readings done together or separately.  These are the hour and half readings @ £65 a head, taking an hour and half each.  If people go separately they are welcome to relax in the front room, or wander into town or to the local pub(s) just on the door step until it’s their turn.  I can do a maximum of 8 full readings in a day. OR


2. I come to your home to do a party.  There are two types:


    a) You all sit in a group together and I do a group demonstration of mediumship and a mini tarot/rune reading for everyone,  This costs £35 per head.  I prefer no less than 8 people and ideally no more than 10 in one night.  Everyone gets something be it mediumship a psychic reading or both.  Please allow 3 and half to 4 hours for your party (from the time I am working).  Please allow me to arrive about 15 minutes before your guests are due to arrive so I can settle down and ‘tune in’. OR


    b) You each have 30 minutes approx with me on a 121 basis at your chosen venue/home where I can do mediumship or a short psychic reading or if possible a combination of both in the time allocated depending on your requirements. Each reading costs £35.  Again I prefer no less than 8 and preferably no more than 10.  The difference between option A and option B is whether or not you all want to listen to each others readings!


    c) Larger groups i.e. 15+ people - usually held in a public or hospitality night/corporate nights.  I can have a set fee of £375 for corporate/hospitality nights. My large scale events at pubs and hotels (25+) which are purely audience based and purely a public demonstration of psychic mediumship cost £10 per head - tickets either in advance from the venue or on the door.  At larger scale events I cannot guarantee everyone will get a message/reading but I will get around most groups/tables. Please ring me to arrange.  With public demonstrations in pubs, hotels, restaurants etcetera I will assist with marketing and promotion.

Corporate Hospitality Nights

I am available for public demonstrations, 121 readings, street psychic events and paranormal events for corporate and hospitality nights.  I have fomrerly been used by Hilton Hotels, Barcelo Hotels, Old English Inns, Greene King, Moto and  a major retail chain for corporate nights.  Please contact me direct for further information on 01684 634050 or 07751 383480.