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Julie is able to remove negative entities from people, their homes and places of employment. I used to call this side of my work 'house clearances' but people thought I was in the furniture removal trade! 

Ghosts haunt for numerous reasons and unfortunately are far too much of an in-depth discussion to detail here. What I can say is that I am discreet, sympathetic and very professional in my work and so far, the hauntings that I have removed have never returned. Ghost busting can be potentially dangerous but due to my approach and psychic protection I have not experienced any major problems, and I must say that I hope it stays that way! 

It is essential that the residents of the household or person possessed are fully co-operative in the session. There is no time scale to ghost busting and exorcisms as it depends on the size of the building and how many lost souls are present.

There are many varying views as to the true nature of ghosts, negative entities, poltergeists, hauntings, demons and possession. What lies ahead is based on Julie's own experiences. I actively encourage people to find their own faith, their own belief and not become too entangled on what other people say no matter what title they hold. I personally have been astonished to read by certain religious sects that unless a person is old (as in biological age) they cannot remove negative entities. This person also claimed that yoga and crystals are the work of the devil. You can make up your own mind about these statements. 







Ghosts are lost souls. Ghosts do not know they are dead. I have never seen a ghost depicted like some kind of cartoon character but that is not to say they do not exist, I just haven't seen one. The ghosts I have seen are white and are semi-transparent. They are in human or animal form. They wear clothes reflecting the era they are from. They are off the floor and yes they do go through walls! The ghosts I have seen mind their own business. They do not acknowledge my presence in the same way that most people probably do not acknowledge theirs. I call these ghosts friendly ghosts. They 'haunt' places for a number of reasons. Usually, they have a strong attachment to a location. Most ghosts I have seen worked or lived in the places they haunt. You do not have to be a clairvoyant to see a ghost. In fact, it is usually an everyday occurrence that people, including complete sceptics have seen one, that's when we get a call. 


The word poltergeist is a German word meaning noisy spirit. In my experience noisy is an understatement! The poltergeists I have seen look like large thick cobwebs - not to dissimilar to the fake cobwebs you can buy for Hallowe'en party decorations. Most poltergeists cannot be seen but you can certainly hear and watch what they are doing. They have enormous energy. During my time I have seen a wardrobe turn on its side, a clothes rail full of heavy coats thrown across a shop floor and pub bar stools spin around on the spot. The fact that I find it funny and start laughing does not help as Poltergeists retaliate from that kind of behaviour. Previously, when I witnessed knives and forks dancing on a table, I started to laugh, within seconds a vase was thrown at me and I ended up with a black eye! Poltergeists want humans to be scared and when that doesn't happen they become very angry. I say very angry because unlike ghosts they are agitated to begin with. In my opinion poltergeists are dangerous; they can and will get physical with us ad I have seen a grown adult woman pinned up against a wall by one. These types of entities need to be removed promptly. Next to demonic possession they are the most difficult to exorcise because they like a battle and do not want to go. 


I use the word apparition to refer to what I see on a daily basis. Many people have experienced 'seeing someone at the bottom of their bed' generally not long after a well loved relative has passed away. The 'someone' is usually their parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling etc. When I perform stand up demonstrations of mediumship or even one to one readings, I do see the client's relation/friend in exactly the same way that I see the client. They appear in colour, communicate, move about, they still have a personality and emotions whilst looking at their best (not how they looked when they were ill) and they have the same mannerisms as when they were here. Apparitions turn up for a reading or demonstration then go. They are not stuck, they are not ghosts, they are 'in spirit'. I would say that in 98% of cases they are happy. Rarely are there spirits that are not. That said, I invoke only those spirits from the highest realms in a reading/demonstration, so we are dealing with those who have crossed over and made it to 'the other side'. 'Unhappy' spirits often come to make apologies or put things right. Sometimes they want to explain why they did what they did, for example commit suicide. After the initial ice breaker the spirit resumes their normal personality. 


Demons are nasty, ugly creatures that are nothing but trouble. They latch on to people's auras, they fester negativity and disrupt otherwise happy homes, peoples and places. They can look like gremlins, hobgoblins or pixies. In my experience, there does not seem to be a consistent look to them. I have not seen one that looks like the devil but then again demons can also look very angelic and beautiful. Just because something looks ugly does not mean it's evil and just because something looks, beautiful and angelic does not mean it's good. In fact, the cleverest demons are the ones that make out they are 'good'. There was a case of possession that I dealt with, where a woman was convinced she had a beautiful guardian angel and she sacrificed her time and energy to this angel at the expense of friends, family and work commitments. She would not make decisions unless her 'angel' told her it was ok. Sure the angel looked lovely but it was 'feeding off her like a parasite, it was a demon in disguise. When exorcising demons there are two aspects we are wary of 1) the demon personally attacking us - verbally so that we get sidetracked and 2) the demon saying it's gone when it has not. A demon really goes for the throat with an exorcist. It says personal things about the exorcist no-one would know and tries to instil fear. This is one of the main reasons I believe exorcists have nearly become extinct. Nobody wants to deal with possession. A full blown exorcism involving demonic possession is extremely rare. We have only ever had one case. It is exhausting for me and the person possessed. It is very unpleasant but in my line of work you have to accept the good with the bad. 


Detailed below is how I typically deal with the above. No report is ever the same and to date no exorcism has ever been the same. Therefore, my response is never the same!

  1. After receiving a call (usually from a level headed person who is actually quite embarrassed about 'the problem'). They are generally quick to say "I hope you don't think I'm mad" or 'I'm not into this but.." 

  2. I'll ask what the nature of the problem is. Could any of the happenings be explained logically? For example, is there a fault on electrics, does the location need damp-proofing, are draught-proofs fitted? Are there any practical jokers in the house who would set this up? Are the residents arguing because of stress-related incidents or is someone just going through a tough patch? In the rare case of outright possession severe mental illness has to be ruled out by a G.P. first. We are not medical professionals and do not profess to be either. It is true to say there are people in mental institutions that are not ill but possessed and there are also people pretending to be possessed but are actually mentally ill. Julie researched this subject at the start of her Masters Degree. 

  3. Once I have ruled out logic I'll enquire about patterns. Time of day, week or year. Are any pets behaving differently? When it started is always a good indicator. Has anyone been practising psychic healing, divination or other 'paranormal' activity like Ouija boards? Has there been recent refurbishment or even plans to refurbish? 

  4. At a convenient time I'll arrange to visit the location/person, but before going I'll put up a circle of protection around us. This is undoubtedly the most important part of the procedure because if we are not safe we cannot begin to help. Unfortunately, I cannot conduct a session if I happen to be ill. 

  5. On entering the location and meeting the people I'll quickly try to determine what I am dealing with, for example, ghosts, negative entities, poltergeists, possession, demons or role players. Role players are people who for whatever reason pretend to be possessed. Some people do this to try and get attention or have just been watching too many films of a negative nature and decide to act it out. However, because Julie can see auras she can immediately tell if someone is messing around. This is a waste of everybody's time and will be treated as such. 

  6. We start by cleansing all the residents and all the people that were in the location at the time of the incident. It is ESSENTIAL that everyone is co-operative at this stage regardless of their beliefs, if not, like a normal cold, the virus will just get passed from one person to another and the ailment does not get dissolved. 

  7. Having 'cleansed and sealed' each person, we start at the top of the property working down. Using a number of sources from a 'cosmic consciousness' to clear the location. Julie uses God, Great Spirit, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I DO NOT claim that I am doing the exorcism; it is the energy I am working with that is. In short, I do not pretend to be God, Angels or something from a Higher Realm! Just for the record it is by coincidence Julie has the middle name Angel! 

  8. I use blessed water, sacred symbols, salt, olive oil, onions, smudge sticks, incantations, prayers, crystals, sacraments, crucifixes, feng shui and many other tools to conduct a clearance. Not all tools are used in one clearance, it depends on the type of clearance that is being carryied out. These are ancient techniques that have worked for centuries. 

  9. Once the clearance is complete I'll advise the householders not to talk about the incident, as talking about the entities strengthens them and can bring them back. The best thing for the householders to do is having a 'mini' housewarming party to put their energy back into their space. 

  10. Ghost busting and exorcisms is the only part of my work that I take very, very seriously as it can become dangerous. The rest of the time you will find me light-hearted, down to earth and where appropriate amusing. In this line of work a sense of humour is a must!

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