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Psychic Detective

My mediumship ability started quite literally overnight when my first husband’s grandparents passed away. I was cleaning the stairs one day at home when I looked up and saw a pair of navy blue shoes. I looked higher and there was his grandmother saying, “This is the outfit I bought for your wedding”. It was a plain, bluebell colour with buttons down the front. I could not believe my eyes or ears. But it didn’t stop there. She told me to pass on various messages to my mother-in-law and even how to feed her cat. In the end, I actually went to the doctors because I thought I was going mad seeing dead people who were telling me things. I was a police officer at the time and had been a university lecturer before that so as far as I was concerned if things couldn’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt or academically tested it was nonsense.

I had to put those beliefs to one side as the mediumship wouldn’t go away and I had to learn how to deal with it. Consequently, on a night shift one day I thought, “May be I could use this skill to prevent and detect crime – let’s see”. Several hours later, at about 5.30am I heard my grandfather say, “Go down Nelson Street – drugs”. Assuming this was something to do with the hospital there I just drove in that direction. Suddenly a man wearing a parker jacket with the hood up startled when he saw the police car and started running. “Get him” I yelled to my colleague as I pulled the car up. I saw the man throw a carrier bag into a bush. We both ran after him I tackled him to the ground. “Why did you run from the car”? I asked. “I haven’t effing done anything” he hissed back. “Really – what’s in the bag you just chucked”? “Nothing – just let me go. I have just got out of prison”. We walked him back to the bag and found several clear plastic bags containing white powder and a roll of £10 notes. He was arrested on suspicion of handling drugs and taken back to the nick. The powder was evaluated and turned out to be £1500 of street drugs. The man himself was in breach of his parole and returned straight back to prison. My colleague and I received a divisional commendation for that…

The next week I was back on duty when there was a concern for welfare request. A lady had phoned the police station because she was worried that a friend of hers was very depressed and may harm herself. She could not check on the friend herself because she was disabled and house bound. It was quarter past midnight. I went to the address and knocked on the door. No reply. I rang the bell – no answer. I radioed the station to try ringing her phone – still no response. “Any takers”? I mumbled to ‘them upstairs’. “Put the door in” was the response I had from my husband’s grandfather who had been a Sergeant in a Midlands based force. “I can’t just do that” I answered looking through the letter box. “Just do it” was the reply. I had grounds to enter to save life and limb but these are not decisions made lightly. Worrying I was going to break in and find nothing, I rammed my shoulder hard against the door and luckily it opened with relative ease. Inside I found a lady lying on the sofa with tablets pouring out of her mouth. There was an empty bottle of vodka beside her. I immediately radioed for an ambulance and tried to rouse her until the paramedics arrived. She was lifeless. After they took her his grandfather said, “Don’t forget to check around” which is not normal practice in these situations. Upstairs there was a little girl fast asleep in bed so arrangements were made to look after her. Her mother survived and thanked me and her good friend in person for quite literally saving her life. I would love to have told her I had a little help from the other side…

In the Summer months I was patrolling the city when in my mind I saw an aerial view of a multi storey car park. All of a sudden I started to feel quite sick and tearful. Recognising this was a message coming in, I drove to the multi storey. It seemed ridiculous to be going round and round to the top but car parks are quite hot spots for theft from motor vehicles. When I got to the roof in the far corner I could see a man sitting on the wall with his legs dangling the wrong side of the car park. I slowly approached him and could see empty two litre bottles of white lightning cider on the floor. He was totally unaware I was there. In my head I heard a man’s voice say, “Save him – quick save him”. I was about to radio the control room to let them know what was going on when the battery died on my unit. I could have used the force radio in the car but the man’s voice in my head sounded urgent. I edged my way over and called out “You alright mate”? He did not respond but started to rock back and forth quite violently in a trance like state. “He’s going to go” I thought to myself so risking my own life too I grabbed him from behind with my arms around his waist and pulled him backwards to the car park floor. He broke down in tears at the same time I was finding it hard to compose myself too I could have gone the wrong side of the wall with him. It turned out he had made a suicide pact with his boyfriend who, earlier on in the week had hung himself in prison. I believe the male voice I heard was his deceased boyfriend’s that had come back from the grave to save his lover’s life.

It was with great sadness that I had to leave the police after I put in a whistle blowing report. Despite having a first class honours degree I found it hard to get a decent job. I was too old to join the armed forces, did not have a head for heights to go in the fire service, too squeamish to be a paramedic and I was the main income earner I could not study to be a barrister because I had to earn money immediately. I got very depressed and started eating and drinking excessively and I put on quite a lot of weight. I got invited to a wedding and wanted to wear my pink suit which did not fit me. I trundled around the shops trying to find something to fit when my grandmother said, “Go down Friar Street”. I walked to the cobble stoned area she showed me in my minds eye and found a new and nearly new designer clothes shop. I went in and found an almost identical match to suit I had wanted to wear in a larger size. It was only £35 so I bought it. I said to Anne Neary the owner, “You’ll never guess how I found this place”. She listened to my story and said, “Why don’t you start doing readings from here”? I jumped at the chance although I was nervous about charging people. Thanks to Anne and my deceased grandmother my business grew and that is how I came to be doing this today.

Even my last marriage had divine help! On December 17th 2003 I discharged myself from hospital with a stable fracture in my back and neck that I was totally unaware that I had until it was x-rayed! Walking towards town with my neck brace still on, I started to feel very depressed about my life. I had to leave my job despite an excellent track record in the police, my marriage had broken down after just three years so I vowed I was never going to get involved in relationships ever again. I decided to go into a rock pub for the sheer hell of it before going home. It was early evening. I had a drink and was watching a man with long hair and a goatee beard playing pool. I heard a ladies voice say, “It’s Kitty. Tell him to get his tooth fixed”. I went up to him and said, “Your great grandmother Kitty said get your tooth fixed”. “How did you know that”? was the reply. “I broke it two days ago on some Bombay mix from the pound shop”! I never gave out my name or number in those days as I had not long come out the police but I did that night! We met up on Christmas eve 2003. It was over that Christmas that I discovered he had performed love spell four weeks previously to find his soul partner. On a Friday night on a full moon, he had lit a red candle, made a love potion and written a spell to invoke his ideal partner. He was told that he would meet his ideal partner four weeks to the day and she would be in the image of Freya which is blonde hair, blue eyes and psychic. He told me he had resorted to witchcraft after a string of failed relationships where he had met people in conventional methods. I now have three wonderful children and still work throughout the U.K. and internationally. 

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