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Dream Interpretation

Not everyone can recollect dreams; however some people can experience vivid or reocurring dreams. Whilst there are a lot of books on the market that categorise what each symbol means, Julie feels that dream dictionaries tend to be too generalised.  Each dream experienced is unique to the individual. Some dreams can appear to be meaningless in terms of what the individual has been seeing or doing during their day, night whereas others can be outright premonitions.

Reoccurring dreams are particularly important. When these occur you are either reliving or coping with issues at a deep subconscious level, or alternatively, you could be being forewarned about a potentially dangerous or joyous occasion!  Some people find that keeping a dream diary helps them overcome mulling over the same topics whether pleasant or not. Getting it down  on paper is a good way of emptying the mind of daily worries or to do lists to ensure a good night's sleep!

I believe that we are all capable of mediumship and pre-cognition.  When we are asleep our conscious minds that think all day switch off and our sub-conscious and unconscious minds open up.  In this relaxed state of being we are more likely to receive sixth sense imagery and messages from our deceased love ones.  It's not that they come out at night, it's just our minds are less busy and we are able to receive. information!   It's called inception.  Not all dreams about our deceased loved ones are mediusmhip dreams.  This is particularly true if we are having 'flashbacks' abut any upsetting situations around their time of passing.  When you see tyour loved ones happy, smiling and probably in neutral surroundings in a peaceful way, looking good and at their best as opposed to sick or dying) then you have experienced what I call a mediumship  dream. 

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