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Why are you suddenly doing Global and National Predictions after 20 years?  

In November 2019 I was actually beginning to wonder if i had lost my ability to use my rune stones!  this is because in every 121 reading I do I include a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month rune forecast.  I found that I was saying pretty much the same thing to a lot of people - there were plans on hold, plans on ice, ill health, oppression.  Businesses were coming to a stand still and it was as though everyone's world had been turned up side down.  I now know it was the cornavirus pandemic causing all the mayhem.  there fore I decided thta if I acquired insight into what was occurring at a national level, I would have an added edge on a personal level in my 121 readings.  The results, have at times floored me.

Whilst I have copied and pasted many of my predictions I published on Facebook here (as they include the DATE that I predicted them and the DAY the prediction occurred) my intention is to produce a video of my predictions as it is easier than reading through reams and reams of articles.  By my standards any decent psychic medium should put themselves out there to prove their ability.  No honest psychic medium can say we get it right 100% as what I see can be open to my own interpretation of the events I see unfolding.  I hope you enjoy them:



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Global Predictions written on Julie Angel International Psychic Medium Facebook PAGE on 7th January 2021

Global Predictions 2021 written and posted to my Julie Angel International Psychic Medium FACEBOOK PAGE on 7th Janaury 2021


BEFORE YOU READ this kindly note I am NOT a politician, economist, conspiracy theorist or any kind of ‘ist’.  I have never followed any one spiritual pathway and I do not follow a religion or sect either.  Legally in the UK all psychics, mediums and healers have to by law declare we are “a source of entertainment the results of which cannot be guaranteed”.  What follows is hardly entertainment.  I saw this long before December 2020.  It made me depressed so I WOULD NOT read it if you are struggling with the world we are in at the moment…I won’t repeat what I have already predicted to date but I will be updating and creating a page on my website of all the global predictions I have done to date in the next few weeks:




  1. The first covid-19 followed by the second more deadly and fiercer one is going to be followed by a third and fourth wave.  The third wave is stronger than the 2nd but the 4th has different symptoms.  I am picking up on feeling faint, weak, and neurological problems like numbness, tingling and loss of sensation. It feels like my legs are all wobbly and I can’t stand up too well.  I also pick up on blurred vision and difficulty in concentrating.  Some people will have difficulty determining what is real and what is not - almost like hallucinations.  Based on this the current vaccinations on offer and being administered won’t prevent symptoms of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave from being transmitted.  We will be in an even bigger crisis than now.



2)   As a result of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave picking up momentum which starts this year around June restrictions remain tight on those most vulnerable on the basis of health and to a lesser extent age.  Most people are ‘getting on with it’ ie going to work, using public transport etc but wearing masks and gloves outside will be mandatory apart from children 7 and under and those exempt.  Those claiming exemption will have to carry some kind of medical proof that they are exempt and police will be allowed to stop check this if deemed necessary.  It will be advised that children should only go grocery shopping if absolutely necessary with the care takers and this does nothing for their personal, emotional and social development in the long run.


3) There is rising tension around the manner in which vaccinations are being administered.  There is uproar (silently amongst the medical profession) but more so people in the know claiming untrained personnel are administering this ‘medication’ that have no idea as to what they are doing.   The chances are because it has not been administered properly it is ineffective in a lot of cases.  There is uproar about the lack of informed consent forms issued prior to vaccinations and aftercare.  People will try to sue the government as a result of their loved ones dying.  The government will bat this off saying it was due to some underlying condition and cannot be attributed to the vaccine.


4) Based on the above (amongst other issues) protest groups become prolific not just in the UK but across the developed world (especially UK, USA, Canada, a lot of Europe).   The European Courts will be presented with Human Rights Act cases and there will HAVE to be a convention on this as what unfolds over the next two years is classified by President Biden as ‘genocide’.  I just heard in my head “war is declared on China” - from the States.  This is President Biden’s decision therefore he must remain in office or whatever it is called)! When I say war is declared - those are the words used but I doubt this is in a full on military sense.  China totally blank the USA and pretty much every other country.  For some reason they want to take over Korea?!! I have no idea what I am on about.  I have never followed world affairs or politics etc EVER.


5) The Oxford vaccine is declared a lot safer and effective than the Pfiser one.  All the current vaccines on offer will be ripped apart from medical scientists, doctors, virologists, immunologists and professors willing to speak up - especially as the covid virus is constantly changing in it’s pathology (Whatever that is supposed to mean).


6) UK, USA, Canada and Europe as nations become divided into groups (which I guess has already happened)


  1. Those who believe the virus is real 

  2. Those that don’t

  3. Those that are willing to take the vaccine

  4. Those that aren’t

  5. Those that want other people to go first to see what happens re the vaccine

  6. Those who will take it so they can travel, trade, go to large gatherings or about their business

  7. Those that want to uncover what is ‘really’ going on


7) Protesters only come up against the police and later armed forces.  The media are instructed not to give air time to their views or demonstrations and the same goes for global warming, environmental concerns, and animal rights.  Mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube will be policed in this regard so more and more other platforms are created to televise and urge people to “wake up”.  The age of Aquarius is declared from new age movement groups.


8) Alongside this,  alternative/complementary and holistic therapists and nutritionists and dieticians  are questioning why little has been said to promote how people  can promote their immune systems byway of  vitamins, minerals and herbs such as echinacea.  This prompts a boom in immune enhancing supplements some effective and some damn right dangerous.


9) Celebrities and other public figures will lose their social standing if they comment or take a stance on what is going on either way.  They are heavily fined if they do, to make an example of them.  It’s as though Freedom of Speech is non-existent.  The more eloquent broadcast in a way that sits on the fence yet suggests a revolution is called for.  


10) The effectiveness of the current vaccination program AND it’s long term effects won’t be apparent until about 2023.



11) Children will be tested in school.  This will be mandatory. If they want to go to school they will MORE THAN LIKELY have to have a vaccine.  Whereas when I was at school we had rubella, and tetanus and the usual MMR as a kid without questions being asked, there will be uproar as some nucleic acid vaccines are alleged to make boys infertile and if they have unprotected sex with a female make them infertile too.  


12) Scientists explain how nucleic vaccines can cause infertility and change DNA.  It is as though we are holding our breath to “see what happens” to population growth over the next 10-15 years..and whether there any ‘abnormalities’ in the babies born post covid vaccination.  Unbelievably there is a suggestion that another injection could reverse the effects.  (I seriously can’t believe I am writing this).



13) EVIDENCE comes to light that some vaccines contain a microchip that makes us trackable.  This is covered up as a passport to freedom.  Nano technology (whatever that is exactly) is “the way forward”.  


14) It would appear sci-fi films where some of the population of the world is  half human and half robot isn’t far off the truth (give it 10 years max).


14) Bill Gates and his family receive serious death threats and go into hiding.


15) President Biden remains in office but Donald Trump will not back down and the USA seem to be following two leaders at the same time.  I will be surprised if Donald Trump doesn’t get arrested or put on trial very soon (this is written on 7.1. 21).  He will even offer to take a polygraph test (lie detector test).


16) As there is so much of a divide between the rich and the poor the ‘big cats’ have to share their wealth.  How this is going to work I don’t know.  It’s as though people have to buy shares off the big cats in something that was originally theirs!!!


17) Adverts come out offering rewards for giving blood or blood plasma.  Many people are suspicious as to what it is being used for.   I am not even going to go there at this juncture..


18) The Navy will be recruiting not just to tend to their ‘usual’ duties but to stop illegal fishing??!!


19) ‘Something’ major is brewing between North and South Korea.  It is like some kind of ‘wall’ comes down and they join forces but not after an almighty fight first.  I have no idea what the state of play is in those countries.  I choose NOT to know that way I cannot be influenced by what is published on a psychic mediumship level.


20) We are heading for an ice age yet in August and September in England this year 2021 we will certainly see temperatures hitting 35 degrees and I’ve just seen 42 degrees in London.  (I always said if I wasn’t a psychic I would have gone into metrology!!  Even them upstairs predicted a white Christmas over the meteorologists in Dec 2020 - got to laugh this is doing my bonce in writing this stuff).


21) On the bigger scheme of things we are heading for a cashless society.  Nothing new there.  As per my 22nd Nov 2020 predictions we will have cars that drive themselves, we are all trackable voice recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, smart tvs, phones, cars, gym equipment, sat navs, predicted texts, calculators, electronic translators, …We can choose whether we want to think anymore as there will be a device like Alexa or Sirius or search engines that can do pretty much most things for us. I predict that it will be a matter of time before artificial intelligence is so rapidly developing we really won’t ned to think much.  We will have a microchip  implanted in our body that links us to the internet is not as far out and sci-fi as we may think.  If anything we are implanted by ‘nano technology’ whatever that is exactly.   

22) I predict that there is a plan at work here which I refer to the pLAndemic.  I am NOT a conspiracy theorist .  I am a psychic medium (and a former academic and police officer - so I ALWAYS seek out the TRUTH and EVIDENCE).   This whole coronavirus is premeditated to dehumanise us and seperate us as much as possible from each other,   Like a psychopath, they start with the end in mind.  'They' create a problem (the virus) and then a solution (the vaccinations) to achieve a bigger goal which is manipulation and control.  By wrecking peoples family and working relationships, and their livelihood and their entertainment and their travel, and schooling and education and so on a reaction occurs.  Basically uproar - but to prevent a revolution we are segregated and fined or punished if we breach these rules...Whilst we are reacting to chaos and destruction we are not looking at whats REALLY going on.


I predict the truth about exactly what has been in these vaccines will come to light and that we are being microchipped and our dna is being altered.  This will show up in future generations DNA (that's if we future generations can  have children 'naturally' at all) - something else 'they' can control and select).  I believe depopulation is at work starting with the elderly and the clinically weak.  The will get rid of 'useless eaters' people that are perceived not to contribute much to the economy (no matter years of hard work and paying taxes etc) by virtue of their age and/or poor health.  If people die from the vaccine they will say it was due to a pre-existing condition.  Fear and scare mongering rail road people into having vaccines.  As it is claimed  there are so many variants they will constantly bring in new vaccines to make sure everyone gets - chipped.  The plan is there is pretty no-one and no-where on planet earth that is not trackable.   As said previously it will be impossible to sue vaccination companies or the government..

I asked my guides "why are they doing this".?  The answer is that we already have visitors from another planet on this one.  One type of such visitors are the reptilians.. THEIR planets are running out of natural resources which is why 'they' are taking ours.  Cleverly it is described as global warming or some freak of nature in the form of natural disasters. From what i have seen clairvoyantly we are very much in what seems like a sci-fi film trying not to be overtaken by robots (take Sofia the artifical intelligence robot with US Citizenship) and also fighting to keep the human race as the human race... People have asked me "Do you think this is the beginning of the end of the world"?  My prediction is yes and no.  We are entering a digital age and space age, a 4th and 5th generation which is about speed, efficiency and technology and LITTLE to do with consciousness and emotions.  Look at kids today they play with each other via devices rather than out on the street - that is their normal.  People date online - not in a club or social setting - we are even dehumanising ourselves by using an avatar of ourselves rather than a photo! 


22) Teaching in both schools, colleges and universities is pretty much done virtually.  Virtual reality sports games, and physical activity  like on a wii are promoted as as good as a PE class!!


23) The UK hits a big recession and depression financially by August 2021.


24) HS2 is still not up and running..


25)  From the 121 readings I have been doing since Dec 2020 it is apparent that some great big lie, trickery, corruption and deceit is going to be unveiled the beginnings of which start crawl out in October 2021 and are definitely known about in December 2021.  I predict this is something to do with all that has gone on to date and financial backhanders with politicians ho have a vested interest in the vaccines..Matt Hancock???


Time for some ‘nice’ predictions


  1. Further research into stem cells, vitamin D and diet is conducted into multiple sclerosis.  Technology that allows some kind of pad to be put onto a patients spine and send messages to the brain helps people with paralysis walk again.  The same technology is trialed with people who can’t walk with MS.


2)  Robo dogs are used a lot more in policing, the armed forces and urban search rescue.  That is dogs, wired up with cameras and tracking devices.  They are specifically trained to help find people buried in rubble.  


3) Infrared style cameras from helicopters are able to detect and see people who are buried in rubble or under ground.  What I can see looks like the cross between infrared and an x-ray.  The good news is it doesn’t depend on body heat so people are still detectable under ground whether they are alive or not.  Cavers, pot holers and mountain rescue workers are used in this research.


4) The therapeutic effects of animals, birds and pets of every description is highlighted more in the media and notions are made for people to connect more with nature and protect our natural habitat.  Testing on animals begins to become a thing of the past.. Humans are used instead…(!!)


5) I believe some kind of implant is created that allows people that have lost the majority of their vision to ‘see’ again even if it’s outlines or what appears to be shadows.  


6) Schools will be ‘properly’ open in September this year.  A real effort is made to deal with the aftermath of the lockdowns, children’s mental health, a period of adjusting socially and most of all them feeling ‘safe’ to engage with their friends and peers.  Thankfully, I am predicting a lot of children that were old enough to know ‘before and after covid’ are resilient enough to bounce back.  Parents and grandparents will be the ones that feel they have lost out on precious moments but I am sure you will more than compensate.


7) Sensory playgrounds featuring earth, air, water, spirit, bubbles (!) become common place.  Street artists and graffiti artists are called upon as teachers to help children express themselves through art.  Art ,drama  and music therapy is pushed as a way to deal with the aftermath and children’s theatres and drama schools are opened.  A lot of funding comes from the National Lottery and Arts Council…


7) Grandparents rights are pushed through law by 2023.


8) I predict airlines are open in 2021 but whether or not you can go to your chosen destination depends on the airline, their policy and whether you have been vaccinated, and the countries rules. The good news is that travel (by air and water) is a lot more hassle free come late spring 2022.


9) I predict you can have large family gatherings and social gatherings come late spring early Summer 2022 until then numbers will be limited as set about by government guidelines.


To be continued..

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3 natural Disasters in as many days predicted on 9th January 2021
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